New nanoscale drug delivery systems: recent advances in nanotheranostic

How nanoparticles improve drug delivery? Nanomedicine can no longer be considered as a newborn scientific field of research. In the last decades we assisted to tremendous advancements in the application of nanoparticles in medical field. Nanotechnology is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, although only a handful of advanced nanoscale tools can be considered as a research of frontier in nanomedicine. Indeed, nanobiotechnology offers multiple benefits in treating acute and chronic diseases by site-specific, and target-oriented delivery of drugs. Recently, a number of outstanding applications of the nanomedicine have been applied in the treatment of various diseases including, gene therapy, cancer immunology, targeted delivery of biological therapeutics, etc.. This session will present new developments and directions in nanoscale drug delivery. Nanobiotechnology is already being used to design innovative more effective drug delivery systems for the second-generation nanomedicine.