Multiscale dimensional approaches for multifunctional coatings fabrication on additive manufactured, metallic components

Application of multi-functional coatings is a very succesful strategy for new and/or improved performances of mechanical components. In parallel, additive manufacturing is now the fastest-growing sector of manufacturing and the most exciting chance for the fabrication of mechanical components of increasing complexity. Synergic application of these two highly innovative strategies represent a technologic and cultural challenge of relevant impact, and is the goal of the POR-FESR 2018 project “RIMMEL”RIvestimenti Multi-funzionali e multi-scala, per componenti MEccanici in acciaio e Leghe di alluminio fabbricati con additive manufacturing. Several aspects of the project moves across the dimensional scale, from the macro, conventional approaches down to micro-nano innovative strategies, including i) the thickness optimization of the different layers in multilayered coatings, ii) the reliable control of the resulting surface roughness at each fabrication step, iii) the optimization of shape/diameter of the nanoparticles used ad additives. These dimensional aspects will be presented and discussed in this session.