Environmental Nanotechnology

Environmental remediation can be accomplished through different physical, chemical and biological processes. Recently, the use of Nanotechnology has been proposed as a powerful tool that may increase the efficiency of remediation processes. A keynote lecture will introduce the main fields of Environmental Nanotechnology and four talks will highlight some applications of Nanotechnology for water, air and soil remediation. The symposium has been co-organized by Dhitech (Distretto Tecnologico High Tech Scarl: www.dhitech.it) which is managing the project FONTANAPULIA - FOtocatalizzatori NanosTrutturati e RAdiazioNe UV per un’Acqua più PULItA, funded by POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020 – Azione Innonetwork, aiming at the development of new photocatalytic systems for the removal of priority and emerging pollutants in aqueous matrix by means of Nanotechnology